Copyright 2018 Martin Landau
Most anything is worth contemplating. Even a cardboard box.

Art should concern itself with beauty, otherwise it's research.


You can't be odd today. You can't be peculiar. You will be marginalized for it.

We cast anger in a negative light. It's healthy to be angry. It's the only sane emotion left.


The more there is of something the less value it holds.

Consequently, a person is less valuable than ever.

In a world of seven billion, there are few originals.

These days one chooses their identity from a series of color swatches.


Knowledge has been reduced to data.

Education, no longer relevant, is replaced by job-training.

Enlightenment is a thing of the past.


Decency is dwindling. 

Civilization is no longer civil.


Still, the world remains devastatingly beautiful.

I'm looking for something.

Yellow Box  2014   Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"
Currently on View at Parlor Gallery Asbury Park, NJ